Big blower: 1930 Alfa Romeo 1750 GS Compressore by Zagato


It doesn’t often happen to see cars like these for sale not at an auction but with a normal ad posted by a private individual, but it’s nice when it does.


The car we are talking about is none the less one of the best known Alfa Romeos in the world of collectors: a 1750 GS six cylinder from 1930 equipped with a compressor in the “large” version, characteristic of the version called “Mille Miglia” and with the bodywork made from Zagato (some bodies were made instead by the Carrozzeria Sport Milano, closed many decades ago).


At this point, however, there are many things to study: buying cars of this caliber requires a deep due diligence to be certain about which components are both correct and original: the seller says that the price of this car is lower than normal because the bodywork has been redone from scracth: this would not be a problem as long as the chassis and engine are original and correct. Find it for sale at €400,000 (today $435,000) here in Luino, Itay.


2 thoughts on “Big blower: 1930 Alfa Romeo 1750 GS Compressore by Zagato

  1. Danger! Danger! This car has red flags all over it. I have found more fake 6c 1750’s that have been presented to me as the real deal then you could possible imagine. Especially in Italy. There is no such thing as “too good to be true.”


  2. Hi Kelly, indeed the seller says that the body is not original with the car, but rebuilt from scratch. Of course what matters are the engine and chassis numbers, both to be verifed by whoever is interested.
    Few of these cars are still around so doing a check shouldn’t be hard.


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