Something different: 1951 Volkswagen Kubelwagen “Bolide”


The problem with writing a review of cars like this is that often we don’t even know how to define the model to be included in the title: the only sure thing is that the chassis is that of a Kubelwagen.


As many know, the Kubelwagen was a vehicle used by the German army during the Second World War: they were solid and very reliable and many were abandoned on Italian territory at the end of the war: one of which was purchased in 1951 by Mr. Castiglioni, certainly wealthy, and he commissioned  the build of a barchetta on its frame.


In 1957, he fell in love with the Abarth Zagato and then built a new bodywork inspired by the latter, which is what we see now: it was called “Bolide”. Initially we thought it was a modern creation but, reading the long and detailed description, we were amazed: we do not know which craftsman made it but it is certainly a truly remarkable work. Find it for sale at €120,000 (today $130,000) here in Padova, Italy.


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