German fins: 1962 Auto Union 1000SP + Auto Union Junior Deluxe


If you are interested in a miniature Thunderbird, a two-stroke engine and two cars for the price of one, this announcement may interest you. They are in fact two Auto Union, an ancient German factory that later merged with other car manufacturers to give rise to Audi (which still maintains the Auto Union logo), characterized by two-stroke, three-cylinder engines, displacement close to 1,000 cc. The SP version is very pretty: around 5,000 of them were produced in the coupe version and around 1,600 in the cabriolet version.


The Junior Delux is a two-door, however, intended for “family” use: it certainly has interesting features but from the point of view of its look it is far from the sportiest sister. Therefore, the seller says that both do not run but are complete and preserved for a long time: for a fan of the brand it could be an interesting option. Find both for sale at $9,000 here in Chestertown, MD.


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