Mysterious and open: 1956 Fiat 600

We don’t know when this car was built, we don’t know by whom it was built: absolutely not bad as a premise.

Unfortunately the seller, or at least the description of the car that he reported in the ad, is not very helpful in identifying the origin of this Fiat 600 with this body so particular that it takes up the functional philosophy of the “Spiaggina” or ” Jolly “built by Ghia in the 1960s.

The difference with the Ghia is that those cars were essentially cars whose factory bodywork was modified while, in this case, the body is made from scratch and, we add, it doesn’t look like a job done in the home garage, but a bodywork. built by someone who knew very well what he was doing: if anyone knows more, it would be nice if they shared it. Find it for sale at €40,000 (today $46,900) here in Genova, Italy.


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