Italian picker: 1960 Lancia Appia “Cassonato”


“Cassone” is what the “bed” is for a pick-up car, obviously this type of car was also produced in Italy, although with visibly smaller dimensions.


What is not easy to find is a Lancia Appia used to be a work vehicle: generally it was the Fiat 1100 that was used for professional purposes, the Lancia was more a car used by the father of a wealthy family, however occasionally we come across in Appia transformed, especially as a van.


This Appia in particular seems to have come to us without ever being restored, even superficially; surely over the decades it has benefited from interventions to remain usable but, without this, this pick up has an imperfect but absolutely original aspect that, in our humble opinion, should never be eliminated: perfection is sometimes boring. Find it for sale at €15,500 (today $17,000) here in Noceto, Italy.


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