Blue outside: 1957 Fiat 600 Granluce by Viotti


The other time it was white, this time has a two-tone paint job: blue with a white roof, it’s certainly very elegant.


Obviously it remains a very small car: it was even 60 years ago, so today it seems almost a pedal car, especially if you put it alongside a common utility car of our time; but the style remains unmistakable as well as the attention to details that on these handmade cars was remarkable.


We immediately note that the car still has the original hubcaps which are very rare, we also note that, compared to the white car published last week, the chrome front friezes of the two cars are different: we are not saying that on one of them they do not they are correct, but only that probably, from ’57 to ’58, they have been simplified. The seller says that the mechanical part is perfect while the body is good; certainly it looks like a car in good condition even if we are convinced that the car can have more defects than those shown in the picture: it remains a fine example, although more expensive than the one already published. Find it for sale at €25,000 (today $27,800) here in Chiuro, Italy.


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