Details matter: 1961 Jaguar E-Type O.T.S.


We have already seen so many Jaguar e-types, but every now and then – very rarely – a very special one emerges from the darkness.


This is the case of this OTS (Open Two Seater), one of the very first produced by the Coventry factory, which has very special characteristics, although to the majority they may seem only insignificant details: the front hood has external locks and the louvers aren’t part of the bonnet but they have been welded afterwards.


The car still seems to have its original “Primerose Yellow” color and is called being matching numbers, so the engine is the original one and, therefore, we have little doubt that the rest of the car is still original. Obviously the car needs a profound restoration that cannot neglect even the smallest detail so it is useless to dwell on the analysis of what needs to be done, evaluate whether the price, given the work to be done, is right or it is not. Find it for sale at $208,000 here in Los Angeles, CA.


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