Please don’t chop: 1950 Mercury Coupé


It’s rare indeed to spot a Mercury coupé which still is the same car of 60 years ago when it left the Mercury factory.


Indeed George Barris (probably the most famous customiser all over the world) changed the game when he first unvealed his chopped Mercury more than sixty years ago, the problem is that his style had so much success that the 90% of these cars where chopped and customised during the following 60 years, and now it’s very hard to find a Coupé still with its own factory roof and the original engine and interiors.


 This particular car is pretty original and untouched, the seller says that it has some rust spots but basically it’s a solid car with a dull paint. He also says that the engine has been rebuilt along with the suspensions and the exhaust. A new headliner comes along with the car as well. This is a car which needs a sympathetic restoration: it’s a beautiful car just as is. Find it for sale here in Saint James, MN, with a good bidding activity and reserve not met.

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