Aluminium body: 1957 Porsche 356/550 by Wendler


After having browsed thousands of ads, we learned a golden rule: the more the car is (or might be) interesting, the less the words used to describe it. This is an example of such rule.


The car under examination is indeed an aluminium car which is said to have been crafted but the german coachbuilder Wendler, active from the end of the WWII up to the sixties; he worked on many cars (we have published a special Fiat 1100 the body of which was built by him), but he’s mostly known for his works on Porsches.


This car was born as a 356 but then it had a “550 Spyder” new body made of alminium so this is a nice piece of machinery but unfortunately the seller added few things more than that, we would like to see more photos of the car (the seller has published also some period photos but we would know more about the context) and know more about its history but this is it. Find it for sale at €249,000 (today $292,000) here in Wien, Austria.


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