Two trucks: 1952 Lancia Ardea 800 van and pickup

The light work vehicles produced 50 or 60 years ago in Italy were not exclusive to Fiat, but also to the most refined Lancia. They too helped Italy in the post-war economic recovery.

In our case, these are two installations carried out on a common platform: that of the Lancia Ardea, a medium-high class sedan (in reality there was never a Lancia “of the people” until the 1970s) equipped with an engine of 1 , 1 liter with a “narrow” V-pattern, a pattern very dear to Lancia also used in the Fulvia.

The two vehicles are clearly in bad shape, they don’t run and need a complete restoration, but the good thing is that these are quite rare vehicles (we have already discussed the fact that these vehicles were exploited to the bone and then scrapped) and also quite complete: indeed, the seller says that many spare parts are sold together with the two trucks. If you only want one you cannot be satisfied: the seller only sells them in pairs. Find them for sale at €11,000 (today $13,500) here in Fino Mornasco, Italy.


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