Red outside: 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider

In recent years, Alfa Romeo collecting has increasingly turned towards “limited editions” such as, in the case of the 750 and 101 series, the Spider Veloce. But you know what? It depends on what you do with it.

I mean that in the regular use of these cars, or at cruising speeds to enjoy a beautiful day with the roof open, you will not feel the difference with the corresponding sports versions (on the contrary, the single carburetor versions are much more reliable at low revs); also from an aesthetic point of view the Normal and Veloce models are basically identical. And, last but not least, the price of access to the “Normal” versions is much lower.

This Giulia Spider is a great example of a car that will probably be sold at an “affordable” price: it looks quite complete even though many parts are scattered in multiple boxes; the mtore is in its place while the gearbox is stowed in the cockpit. The car also looks quite dry but make no mistake: rockers and bottoms will certainly need to be changed, at least partially. The positive side of this car is the combo color: although it is now red, you can clearly see (from the dashboard and engine bay) that it was born in Graphite Gray with a red interior: in our opinion one of the most beautiful combinations on this model. Find it for sale here in Cookeville, TN, with bidding at $1,300 and reserve not met.


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