Working twin cam: 1969 Alfa Romeo A12 ladder by Man-Maniero

It is the second time that we see an A12 set up as a ladder truck, but the first time the vehicle was in not very beautiful condition while this is in excellent condition.

This truck was set up by the company Man-Maniero (which is the first time we hear about) on behalf of the state electricity company, ENEL, and clearly used for the maintenance of the power line. The salesman says that after this first assignment, he was sold to a local municipality to continue doing his job anyway.

Although the odometer shows about 9,000 km (just under 6,000 miles) it is impossible to say how many kilometers this A12 really has: it certainly has not been used much: the seller says that there is no trace of rust, that the engine is perfectly efficient. and that the telescopic ladder works correctly. Find it for sale at €25,000 (today $29,750) here in Lecco, Italy.


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