Scarce supply: 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce

In 2012, almost ten years ago now (at most four or five seem to have passed), I strongly advised a friend of mine to buy a 1957 Giulietta Spider Veloce, one of the 35 produced that year, which at the time was for sal and required a total restoration, but it was complete and also with very little rust, plus the engine had been rebuilt – asking price was $ 40k. I think that he is still gnawing at not buying it.

I say this because the appearance of that car reminds me a lot of that of this 1958 Veloce: the latter is not impossible to find like those of ’57 but it is still a valuable piece, especially because it needs to be restored but cannot be it is a real wreck like the updated part of those that are around.

The seller says the engine is the original one; the Weber DCO3s are still in place as are many of the chrome parts. There is no windshield but it is nothing new: it is very difficult to find a Giulietta Spider with its original windshield. The seller says there are works to be done on the floors but spare metal sheets are also sold along with the car, which is good. Find it for sale at €55,000 (today $65,500) here in Savona, Italy.


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