Red toy: 1969 Francis Lombardi Grand Prix

If, at the end of the 1960s, you had been Italian twenties, not necessarily rich, but at least wealthy, you probably would have asked your father for a car like this.

And in fact the target of this car was precisely the kids who could afford a car with a sporty but not as expensive look as a GT Junior and, from the point of view of the parents, a snappy car but with a power manageable even by the inexperienced. Even after 50 years we have to admit that it is a very small car, but it seems pleasant to look at.

The announcement has only three photos, so it is not very possible to enter into the merits of the condition of the underbody or the engine compartment, however, due to its simplicity, any repairs would not be expensive. There is only a photo of the interior (partial) where the central instrument cluster is framed which seems complete and correct. The wheels are from the time but are wider than the originals: they are not ok for purists, but they blend well with the context. Find it for sale at €25,550 (today $31,000) here in Biella, Italy.


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