Never seen before: 1963 Peugeot 403 Coupé

We knew the sedan, station wagon and rare convertible versions, but we didn’t know of the existence of a coupé version, at least until a few days ago.

Maybe we haven’t studied enough, but it’s also true that in years of sifting through tens of thousands of ads from all over the world, we’ve never seen one on sale, in whatever condition it was and, in this sense, we have to thank our reader, Fluc, for this particular tip. Indeed, we ask anyone who knows anything about this particular and rare model to comment.

The car itself seems quite healthy, it is probably a very well preserved car over the years and only fixed as regards the seats and a repaint, probably in the same color as it left the factory. Unfortunately there are no photos of the engine compartment or the underbody, but the most interesting thing about this car is undoubtedly discovering its history. Find it for sale at €37,000 (today $39,000) here in Lys-lez-lannoy, France.

One thought on “Never seen before: 1963 Peugeot 403 Coupé

  1. In all my years playing with and 403 cars, and owning a 403 Familiale, I have found no evidence a 403 coupe was constructed by the Peugeot works. There are only a few Peugeot 403 2-door cars; Rene Bernard is credited with building a 403 coupe in 1956, but it appears to be a completely hand built body. There is also another 1956 403 2-door, known as a Darl’mat coupe. In 1957 Parat-Pichon Voitures created another coupe, it’s clearly a one-off, with a wrap-around windshield and hardtop windows. Henri Chapron is also said to have made 1 or more 2-door hardtop 403 cars.

    I doubt this was constructed by Pininfarina [the maker of the 403 cabriolet], or any of the above mentioned coachbuilders, as this coupe appears to have the doors for a sedan, with the top section of the door window frame lowered towards the rear of the door. Plus, there is an additional strip of chrome or stainless steel between the body side ridge and the base of the windows, not seen on the other body styles including the cabriolet.

    I suspect this was a one-off creation based on a standard 4-door sedan, the rear doors welded shut, and the roof line shortened and lowered at the rear. It’s had to say for sure based on the photos, but it appears the trunk lid has not been extended forward. I’ve watched most of the Paris auto show videos, and haven’t seen this car on display.

    This would make a great addition to anyone who collects Peugeots, especially the 403.

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