Brand new: 1952 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Sport Berlina

All Alfa Romeos built in the period just before or just after the Second World War are worthy of particular interest, but this one is a little more.

The reason is simple: the seller claims that this car has only driven 6,000 kilometers (just under 4,000 miles) from new, which would be extraordinary. Indeed, at first glance the car looks well restored and of course nobody would think of an original car if they did not read the description.

In fact, the seller is keen to specify that the car has never benefited from any restoration and that it still has all the original documents (and number plates): if this were the case, this would be worthy of being exhibited in the Alfa Romeo Museum. Too bad there are only a few photos of the exterior: this car deserves a photo shoot with attention to the smallest details. Find it for sale at €160,000 (today $170,000) here in Formigine, Italy.


3 thoughts on “Brand new: 1952 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Sport Berlina

  1. In July 1972 my boss was closing the restoration shop where I had been working, and he had several unrestored but complete cars he needed to sell, including an Alfa-Romeo 1750 roadster [1934?], and a post war 6C2500 alloy 2 seat coupe. I wanted both cars but simply didn’t have the cash to buy both [The 1750 was $700, and the 6C2500 was $300] and I ended up buying the 6C.
    A month later I had to report for my US Army 3 year obligation, so I put the 6C in a barn along with 4 other cars, planning on working on the car after my military obligation was over. Sadly, 5 months later I had a phone call telling me the barn had been struck by lightning, and the cars were all lost. I hate to think what that car would have been worth today


  2. Yeah, I never even had the opportunity to drive it or hear the engine run. Back then [at least in America] no one wanted those cars. There were 4 other cars in the barn, including my one-off 1956 Packard Caribbean 4-door [A Patrician made with Caribbean trim and engine from the factory], and in front of it was a 1955 Caribbean Convertible, all 100% destroyed.
    The fire happened at about 3am on a Sunday, and on Monday morning I had to be back at the army base, at morning formation for inspection, and I didn’t look my best. So the commanding officer wanted to see me in his office. When he found out what happened, and as he already knew of my car collection [he liked cars too], he gave me an emergency pass for a week.

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