One year only: 1962 Triumph TR3 B

A large number of TR3s were produced and while most of them have been lost over the decades, there are still many for sale. But we are talking about TR3 and TR3 A, not a car like this.

Apparently it is identical to the first mentioned but, as we know, the devil is in the details – especially for collectors – and the detail that reveals the particularity of the car is that this was only produced in 1962: in fact, the production of the TR3 was officially terminated the year before with the advent of the TR4, the “TR3B” was indeed a special short-production run in response to dealer concerns that the buying public might not welcome the TR4.

This particular car is painted in a particular tone of green (not bad at all) but its original colour, visible on the hidden parts of the bodywork is French Blue, the car looks quite complete, but more importantly, it does not appear to have any rust : The bottom is very nice and very dry, as does the rest of the bodywork. A nice project. Find it for sale at $16,500 here in La Habra, CA.


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