3rd out of eleven: 1969 Murena GT

This car is called Murena GT, and it’s said to have been built in a very small series of 10 (maybe 11) cars by Intermeccanica which built the bodies, following the idea of Joseph Vos, president of Murena Motors. This car is powered by a mean Thunderbird 429 c.i. 8V engine, so you’ll need to buy also a fuel tanker along with this car.

We can say with certainty one thing: this car can make you shiver or it can fascinate you, but it certainly can not leave anyone, and we emphasize nobody, indfferent, especially when painted a flashy color like this Gem Green, the same color used on the Maserati Ghibli built. during the same period.

If, in addition to the “uncommon” appearance, we also add the roar produced by the Ford engine of 429 cubic inches that pulsates under the hood, the picture is complete. As for the correctness of the car it is difficult to make an assessment: these were cars built in very small series completely by hand, so there was no standardization concept. Probably all the very few built are different from each other, so we have to assume that this car is correct. Find it for sale at €38,000 (today $38,700) here in Vicenza, Italy.


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