Count the money: 1970 Abarth 1300 Scorpione by Francis Lombardi

The seller of this car basically says that the car is flawless and therefore for a potential buyer there is nothing left to do but count the money before coming to pick it up.

It is certainly true that the 1300 Scorpio around are few and it is not at all easy to find one and, when you find it, there are very difficult checks to do as these cars, as everyone knows, suffer from the sharing of many parts. mechanical parts with Fiats, and often in the past original Abarth parts have been replaced with substitute parts but not original ones: obviously these are general considerations, not related to this car in particular.

The description in the announcement summarizes what is the history of the 1300 Scorpio but in fact there is nothing relating to the history of this particular car which apparently looks like a survivor: it does not seem restored, not even partially, and this gives charm. We were intrigued by the rims that we do not believe are original but are certainly period-correct and most likely made of magnesium: everything seems to be in order, a pity only for the lack of photos of the engine compartment and / or underbody. Find it for sale at €77,500 (today $79,500) here in Naarden, Netherlands.


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