Patina Monster/9: 1935 Lancia Augusta by Viotti

We are not writing anything new when we argue that “Barn Find” conditions are what most fascinate collectors or simple enthusiasts, but when it comes to pre-war cars, it increases exponentially.

We do not know what the history of this car is but it is the car itself that can tell us a part of it, that is the one that concerns the bodywork and the interiors almost certainly identical to when they left the Viotti workshops almost a century ago. The patina is extraordinary and has remained that way because, according to the seller, the car has stood still indoors for the last 50 years.

We can also deduce another thing: this car will probably have been used by some government official, given the “representative” color and the chrome caps on the front fenders that cover the holes where the flagpoles were installed. The cream-colored rims are also correct and the interior, made with the legendary Lancia cloth, looks coherent. Too bad that the license plate, although black, is not the original one and that the front bumpers have certainly been lost. However, it remains a fantastic project especially if you decide to keep the bodywork as is. Find it for sale at €18,000 (today $18,200) here in Torino, Italy.


2 thoughts on “Patina Monster/9: 1935 Lancia Augusta by Viotti

  1. Sorry but the chrome caps have nothing to do with flagpoles, they are access points to the top of the sliding pillar suspension!


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