Fast in four: 1970 Ford Taunus 20M RS

The idea of ​​a powerful and simultaneously comfortable sedan for at least four people is not new, as we can well see.

Today, for those interested in this formula, there is a very wide choice limited only by the spending possibilities, while 50 years ago even being rich, the choices available were very limited. We are not saying that to afford a car like this one had to be properly rich, but certainly a V6, 2600cc (but many sources say it should be 2.3 liters) as a daily driver, in Europe, was a choice of a few people.

Ford Germany produced this V6 with 140hp, power that a Fiat 500 also has today but at the time the average family sedan had 70-80hp, and certainly not a V6 under the hood. This one still has the original black plate and it seems correct after all: the last owners have granted themselves some licenses such as the rims and the steering wheel which, however, can easily be replaced, even the mirrors do not seem to us the right ones. We do not know how many units were produced, but here we are talking about a few hundred per year. Find it for sale at €20,000 (today $20,100) here in Sant’ Angelo in Vado, Italy.


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