Country coral: 1960 Renault Colorale 4×4

In a period in which the off-road vehicle market is very strong, it is not a surprise to see the restored classic vehicles, which are part of this category.

Some of these classic off-road vehicles are unknown to us, just like this Renault Colorale 4×4 from 1960, although we understand that this model was produced from 1950 to 1957 on a truck platform, and in fact in addition to the 4×4 version there was also the sedan, pickup, van and taxi.

The “heart” of the Colorale was the so-called Type 603W engine, also known as Type 85 due to the size of its bore. It was a 4-cylinder already known to insiders for having equipped the Primaquatre during the 30s of the twentieth century. The displacement of this engine was 2383 cm³ and was capable of delivering a maximum power of 48 HP, a modest value that did not allow the car to exceed 90 km / h of maximum speed, given its curb weight, between 15.5 and 17 quintals depending on the version, a really huge weight for the era and the type of car. This car in particular is said to be restored and with a slightly more powerful engine to tackle off-road routes: it seems to us in excellent condition even if some details are not original, such as the front seats clearly taken from a much more recent car. Find it for sale at €53,000 (today $54,000) here in Leucate, France.


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