Top Hardtop: 1962 Fiat 1500S O.S.C.A. Cabriolet

It is not very difficult to find a Fiat 1500s Cabriolet for sale, however this particular example has very rare features.

Let’s say to begin with that this is a restored specimen, and it also looks excellent even if the photos are not the best to judge a car (in reality, a car should never be judged just by seeing it in the picture). Furthermore, this appears to be one of the very rare specimens sold with US specifications, as evidenced by the instruments with American metrics.

But the most particular thing about this 1500S is the hardtop: it is already rare in itself on these cars, plus this is a very rare aluminum hardtop manufactured by the Fontana bodywork: at first glance it seemed different from the usual one and it is in fact very different from those that are generally seen installed on these cars: we do not dare to think what market value it has, even if sold alone. Find it for sale here in Santa Monica, CA.


One thought on “Top Hardtop: 1962 Fiat 1500S O.S.C.A. Cabriolet

  1. Gorgeous Fiat OSCA! Never seen that top before. Very rare indeed. The 1500S is an under-valued Italian Classic that should be climbing in value swiftly, as their rarity and beauty become more apparent.


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