Jaguar badged: 1967 OSI TS 2300

Since we are talking about a rare car even in Europe (not to mention the USA), we can also forgive some defects which are however easily correctable.

After all, this is a substantially original car that has had some “upgrades” over time, both due to the tastes of the previous owners and out of necessity: the most obvious are the British-style spoked wheels, the Jaguar badge on the grille. and the seats that come from a Jaguar E-Type, probably a third series, however it seems that there are the original seats that need to be reupholstered, as well as the headliner.

The color is very nice (dark green always catches us) but it is not original: the seller says that the car was originally painted blue. However, the bodywork looks in very good condition: the car was also photographed from below and it looks solid, we do not exclude that there is some rust here and there, but it would still be a little stuff. The car is up for auction but the estimate is not shown, if you like it it’s still worth a try. Find it for sale here in Bremerton, WA.


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