Tuck and roll: 1932 Ford Deuce Coupé

We know that this car will certainly not interest a good chunk of our readers, especially Europeans, as cars of this type do not belong to their automotive culture.

However, we consider ourselves very democratic: any car, produced in any continent, and of any category, arouses our interest if certain conditions are met. In the specific case of this car, the reason is that it is not a recreation of a hot rod built after the war, but a hot rod built at the height of the golden age of these transformations, which also was featured in a show of the era and was photographed there and immortalized in a specialized magazine.

The seller says this Coupe was built in Decatur, Illinois as a Hot Rod in the early 1950’s. Un-chopped and channeled over the original frame with a ’48 Mercury Flathead Engine sporting a Judson Supercharger. It was shown in car shows throughout the midwest and south in 1958 – 1960. It currently has a Mercury flathead engine, but is sold together with its original engine (which probably needs to be rebuilt) equipped with the compressor, i.e. in the same configuration with which it is been designed. Find it for sale at $65,000 here in Loveland, CO.


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