Call of duty: 1980 Alfa Romeo F12 Ambulance

For some years now, many collectors of the cars built in the Portello factory have also been interested in their commercial vehicles, certainly much rarer than their car cousins.

We have indeed written several times about how much the models A 11 and F11, or A12 and F12 have been further re-evaluated and how their value has soared in the last 10 years, not to mention the Romeo and Romeo II version. The nice thing, in many cases, is that these work vehicles are still in their original set-up, like this military ambulance that belonged to the Italian army.

This is the last series produced (the third) and is equipped with the petrol-powered Bialbero engine, has benefited from a frame-off restoration and still has the Italian army plates (in reality they are only for shows, but they are not legal for road travel). The ambulance set-up is complete and, although you won’t win a track race with this vehicle, you will certainly look good in any show. Find it for sale at €33,600 (today $41,000) here in Pavia, Italy.


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