Snappy red: 1967 Abarth OT 1000 Stradale

All Italian classic car enthusiasts know that there is an underlying problem when it comes to Abarths based on mass-produced Fiat models.

In fact, if we talk about an Abarth Record Monza or Bialbero, we know with certainty that at least the bodywork and the interiors are original as it would be uneconomical to reproduce them: the doubt remains at the most as regards the engine (not in the case of the Bialbero anyway) because, unless you are true experts of the brand, you would never be able to recognize an engine built by Abarth compared to a Fiat engine equipped in such a way as to make it “look” like Abarth.

It therefore seems logical to us to point out that the seller of this OT 1000 has photographed the internal parts of the engine where the stampings made by the factory in Corso Marche are evident: it is the evidence that the engine, at least in its main parts, was built by Abarth. The rest of the car has clearly been restored and looks in excellent condition, and the fact that this car is owned by one owner is already a very good sign in itself. Find it for sale at €55,000 (today $67,000) here in Casalpusterlengo, Italy.


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