One-eyed: 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTC


Ok, actually this GTC built by touring has one headlight only installed but the other one is in the trunk, alng with many other parts. At least you haven’t to worry about purchasing a new Carello unit.


We guess that this is one of those cars that have been stored for years after the past owner attempted to start a resoration but soon after he changed his mind for whatever reason, the good is that at least the car seems complete even though on these cars, as usual, rust inflicted several wounds.


The body needs work and the floor are, quite probably, gone since many years ago but the good is that many new panels are available for the 105 series Alfa; there are not photos of the engine bay but, as long as the seller says that the car is complete, we guess that the most important parts are still there. Find at for sale at €38,000 (today $44,000) here in Saint-Règle, France.

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