Get some sun: 1958 Porsche 356 A T2 Coupé


The seller of this 356 T2 Coupé says that this car is one of those few equipped with a sunroof: the problem is that such sunroof is not listed on the Kardex so it could have been installed later or, simply, the Kardex misses something.


The overall shape of the car is quite good for a car which clearly hasn’t ever been restored: the red paint is faded but the original color was silver; on the other side the car is said to have very nice gaps all around and it seems a car wich haven’t ever been crashed, at least seriously.


The engine is not the original one (otherwise the seller would have highlighted this info) but the actual unit has been recently rebuild, interiors look very tired but this is an actual candidate to be driven as is, with few touches and, last but not least, a fair price. Find it for sale at $40,000 here in Lewistown, PA.

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