Iniezione: 1967 Maserati Mistral 4.0


This Maserati Mistral Coupé was built during the last production year of this model and so, it is equipped with the largest displacement six-inline engine, fed by a Lucas MFI.


The engine, in this configuration, produces 255 hp which was a remakable power back then, today you can find he same power in your daily commuter but, for sure, not the same flair. This is a two owner Texas car and so it should be very dry, just like the seller says.


Th seller says also that the car has been stored, under a cover, in his shop for many years and before storage, cylinders were oiled and batteries were removed, so we guess that it is mechanically in acceptable conditions; it has a nice set of Borrani wire wheels and a silver paint which is gone but it is very fascinating at the same time. This is a car to be fixed but not restored, at least this is what we think. Find it for sale at $135,000 here in Houston, TX.


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