Never seen one: Moretti Spider 1300


Nope, we never saw one before. We are still astonished about how many italian coachbuilt cars were made up to the seventies, and indeed often we stumble upon an unknown car just like this.


We also realized that, in our literature, we miss a book about the coachbuilt Fiat 1300/1500 so now we have to fill this gap, especially after having seen this car which, while not being a real beauty, is still a rare piece of italian design of the sixties.


Of course the starting point of this car is the Fiat 1300 on which also Vignale built some cars (that we have already published during the past months), so Moretti too made his attempt: the rear end is actually very similar to the Fiat 1300 sedan, the front end is, on the other side, completely different. The car is clearly restored and looks extremely good, so we might think that you can just sit in and drive it home: the only obstacle could be the price which we believe to be a little off-track. Find it for sale at €67,000 (today $77,300) here in Gradara, Italy.

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