True blue: 1973 Fiat 128 Coupé 1100 SL


Let’s take two classic cars, one that is worth $ 10,000 and another that is worth $ 100,000: how many times could we say with certainty that the last one is ten times more beautiful than the first or that it offers ten times the driving sensations?


Each of us knows the answer (strictly subjective), but the point is that in a market like the vintage car market, much more similar to the art market than to normal cars, you can have something really nice without selling your house (or one of your kidneys), and we think this is the case with this Fiat 128 Coupé 1100 SL.


Clearly, if you are looking for a car that will tear the tires off from the traffic lights, this is certainly not the right car (also because it is a front-wheel drive car), but it remains a particular car. Although the Fiat 128 sedan was the starting point, the fiat engineers overturned the initial project: the wheelbase was reduced by as much as 22 cm and the floor was equipped with a supplementary perimeter frame, together with completely redesigned suspension. This car in particular is an SL version, with chrome frames around the windows, tachometer and a more refined interior, as well as having beautiful alloy wheels of the time and a very beautiful color. Find it for sale at €13,800 (today $15,000) here in Valdidentro, Italy.


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