Approved by the son: 1955 Lancia Aprilia “Mille Miglia” Barchetta by OSA (recreation)


OSA was the acronym of Officina Specializzata Automobili, a workshop in Naples (Italy) specialized in tuning standard cars, during the 50s and 60s.


This workshop was founded by Agostino Accadia who, besides being a mechanic, was also a car driver and one of the cars he drove at the Mille Miglia was a boat based on the Lancia Aprilia, just like this recreation. What we didn’t actually find, are the photos of the “original” to compare them: we need to investigate better on our literature.


The current manufacturer has benefited from the advice of Agostino Accadia’s son, Ernesto, to reconstruct all the details of this Barchetta on which we have little to criticize: if we really had to blame something it would be the excessive luster of many details of the engine and the cockpit and, last but not least, the omission that many people do: given the amount of work done to make this car, why not complete it with appropriate Borrani wheels instead of those terrible Dunlop reproductions? We will never understand it. Find it for sale at €130,000 (today $146,000) here in Gallarate, Italy.


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