Prototype, maybe: 1950 Siata Daina Trasformabile



The “Trasformabile” (the italian word uesd to say “cabriolet” back in the fifties) was one of the two version of the Siata Daina, a beautiful, scaled down Aurelia B20 produced from the 1950 to 1953 by Siata and designed and assembled by Farina coachworks.


In the early fifities Italy was still recovering by the wounds of WWII and so this was a car for few privileged men: we don’t know how many Daina were built in both versions but for sure this is, today, an extremely rare car: we are actually astonished to see one still in “to be restored” conditions.


Nonetheless, the seller says that this (chassis SL102) is the first Daina Trasformabile built: he says that this car was displayed in several auto shows during the 1950, beginning from Torino, Italy. We would believe him but we don’t know how to check the chassis number and, moreover, the car has several different details from the car pictured in the black and white photo: an accurate due diligence is needed here before doing the great step. In the meantime, find it for sale at CHF 140,000 (today $143,000) here in Switzerland.

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