Sign o’ the times: 1961 Porsche 356B T5 Karmann Hardtop


The music genius had other meaning in his mind when he wrote this song so we hope he could forgive us for this kind of misuse of the title. But, since he wrote it, many things have changed for real and one of those, althoug not important at all for most people, is the value of these 356 Hardtop.


Indeed untile few, very few years ago the Karmann Hardtop was the Cinderella of the 2356 breed, just because it didn’t look like a proper 356. Then, when the 356 became unaffordable, someone remembered about this limited production car and then the prices began to rise.


This is a T5 notchback so, differently from the T6, it started its life as a real cabrio, then a metal hardtop was welded on top. This particular car needs a lt of word but it doesn’t seem rotten like many abandoned 356 of the same era: the floors (what’s visible, of course) looks dry but apart from that, the interiors are missing a lot of trim as well as the exterior body. The seller doesn’r mention about the engine: he just says that the car is very complete. We wonder if the black paint is the original shade: if true, this car has a stunning color combo. Find it for sale at €45,000 (tosay $51,000) here in Casnigo, Italy.

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