Rare foreigner: 1958 Fiat 1200 TV Trasformabile


We were pretty sure that in the Los Angeles area anyone could find whatever car he is looking for, and this car is the proof of that.


It’s a rare Fiat 1200 Spider, not as rare as her older sister, the 1100, but still a car you will barely see into the wild if you live in Europe (and Italy), let alone see it on the other side of the ocean. This car looks pretty correct, with the exception of the wide tires and the steering wheel, both inside and outside.


The 1200 has not some beautiful details of the 1100 like the front bumper, the turn lights or the beautiful steering wheel, but that’s basically the same car with the body sketched by Rapi, who also designed the Fiat 8V. The interiors have been redone for sureas well as the paint: even though the seller says nothing about the work performed on this car, it has been for sure restored (impossible to say how good) so it is ready to be enjoyed. Find it for sale at $42,500 here in Los Angeles, CA.

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