Gullwing: 1965 Sportsland Concept One


Even though we perfectly know that many people don’t care about classic cars like this one, our goal has always been to bring to the light some obscure build which you rarely see around.

Concept 1

Fiberglass cars have been an important chapter during the decades which span from the mid fifties to the mid eighties, and most of them were built on the immortal chassis of the Volkswagen Beetle: this particular car does’t break the rule. It is called “Concept one” but we don’t know much more as we couldn’t find anythng consistent about the story of this builder.


The design of this car is very intriguing: beautiful proportions and some tasteful details like the “T-Top” which opens “Gullwing” style. The nose is complete with the front cowl but, basically, all the car seems complete: the restoration of this car should be easy (the car and we guess that the result would be stunning. Find it for sale at $4,198 (o.b.o.) here in Cerro Gordo (California? Most probably in Raleigh, NC).


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