Old future: 1961 Sportsland Concept 1

Four years ago we published an article about a similar car, but unlike the first this one looks much more complete and “refined”.

However, it is very rare to see for sale these kit cars produced in the 70s and, obviously, based on a Volkswagen Typ1 chassis (more commonly known as Beetle) which ensured maximum versatility for any type of customization. Perhaps because they are strange, perhaps because of nostalgia for the “colorful” years, but we really like these cars.

As we said, this car seems to have been completed and even driven at the time, and in fact the appeal is only missing a seat and, this is not really a detail, the engine, the latter is easily available in a wide range. price that depends on the desired power. In any case, we believe that once this strange object on wheels is properly restored it will make everyone’s head spin. Find it for sale here in Adrian, MI, with bidding at $4,250 and reserve met.


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