The Alfa Romeo Montreal revenge


Every classic cars enthusiast knows well that this market is sometimes so strange and lunatic that for somewhat reason, truly great cars remain undervaluated for years. This happened so far for many cars: think at the Fiat Dino Spider which was not worthy $30k till three years ago: now the best specimens fly regularly over $80K just because one day someone who counts has woken and suddenly thought: “Hey, I’ve just realized that this car is beautiful”.


This is what happened for years for the Alfa Romeo Montreal. For many reasons, beginning from the fact that the 90% of the Montreal around are preserved cars (very often not well preserved) and that many have fear of the SPICA mechanical fuel injection – like they need some kind of magic and a million dollars to fix it – it happened so far that many appreciated the car, but few purchased it.


So, many recognized that this car is a Marcello Gandini’s masterpiece of late ’60’s design and that its V8 under the bonnet produces a sound better than a philarmonic orchestra but very few put their hand at the wallet. Than, there were journalist who wrote many stupid things (or, at least, superficial) like this one who said that the Montreal was the worst car he ever owned: Sure…if you get a 40 y.o. garage find thinking to have found a 2010 Audi S4.


However, something has definitely changed. In the last six months, two Montreal have been sold by Artcurial (Monaco) and Gooding (Amelia Island) for nearly $100k which were yet a great achievement. Yesterday, at Gooding Scottsdale, a top notch specimen (above) has been sold for $176,000: a memorable record for a car worthy $25k ’til a couple of years ago.


Now, the point is that, finally, the “Black Magic” on this car is ended. I’m glad of this because so far I felt somewhat stupid, thinking that this car should be worthy the same of a 911S (which, that’s true, is a more precious car under a techincal point of view) or a Dino 246, while sometimes it was cheaper than a 1750 GTV (which is a great car as well). That also means that in the future fewer and fewer can afford one, differently from what happened so far when you could buy cheap thrills. That’s never good for a truly classic cars enthusiast. That also means that, when you are evaluating to purchase a classic car, don’t trust the market: just hear your feelings and what you heart suggests you: you can’t be wrong.


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