Barn find Mopar: 1960 Plymouth Fury Convertible


This 1960 Fury Convertible is said to be a barn find and, indeed, it actually seems to be it. The overall conditions of this car are almost exceptional as it looks perfect and complete both inside and outside.


Interiors are almost perfect and you can also find the period rocket-age steering wheel which is flattened on the vertical edges: it seems in very good shape although it is aged (of course). The swinging seat is a tasty detail which you can’t find on any car since then.


The engine is a 318 c.i. unit mated to a push button auto transmission. There is also a picture of the trunk where you can spot the original jack and some tools: staying with the same owner for 46 years brings many advantages. Find this convertible for sale at $29,000 (o.b.o.) here in Fargo, ND.

2 thoughts on “Barn find Mopar: 1960 Plymouth Fury Convertible

  1. I am interested in the car. I would like to inspect it. Could you get it on a hoist for me? I hope to relive a time in the sixty”s when I owned one.


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