Chestnut brown special: 1968 Fiat 125 “Samantha” by Vignale


Although it’s called “Fiat”, this coupè was never marketed as a Fiat but sold by independent dealers, not related with Fiat. This because it was designed and built by Vignale in about 100 units in order to fill the market gap of a well priced luxury coupé.


So it is actually based on the chassis and the reliable engine of the Fiat 125 (which was quite ugly) but dressed with soft and elegant lines. It also has the same headlights system of the Miura. Interiors are really beautiful and the color combo of this particular car is striking. The only clashing things are the alloy wheels which really don’t fit under this elegant coupé.


The engine is an affordable twin-cam, 1600 c.c. Fiat engine which produces something more than 100 h.p. while being rock solid. This car doesn’t come cheap but, whatching the overall conditions and rarity, it could be a good bet for the future. Find it for sale at €39,500 (today $54,000) here in Berlin, Germany.


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