How it should be: 1950 Mercury 2dr Coupé


You see customised Mercuries everywhere but few, very few of them are properly done like this one. Basically we love these custom cars but we hate seeing many of them done with replaced interiors, modern dashboards, engines, and many “wrong” details. This one is exactly how we would do it.


We mostly love classic european cars but also a car like this has a place in our hearts. The seller says that the build of this car started by a totaled Suburban, and that the color combo was the first thing decided before beginning the job. It is called “Tradition” and, in fact, the whole job has been made respectfully of the old school: no electronics, no modern engine but a 221 c.i. flathead, original chassis and barely modified suspensions. The dashboard is untouched with the exception of the new paint.


The engine bay shows the attention to details lavished in building this custom. The only concession to the modern era is a custom air conditioning system which is a must on these cars. The price tag is high but, in the best case scenario, it’s the half of the cost to build such machine. Find it for sale at $79,900 here in Charlotte, NC.

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