1 of 9: 1951 Maserati A6G 2000 Coupé by Pininfarina


This is one of the most expensive project ever seen and we actually wonder if it has sense even though is about an ultra rare and very early Maserati A6G Coupé with a body built by Pininfarina.


In the same period in which this car was built, Maserati gave to Farina (whose founder was Giovanni Farina, Pinin’s older brother) its chassis in order to be dressed; few of these chassis were bought by Farina in order to build their own reading of the car: hence the small number of these special cars which are, nowadays, very valuable.


This particular car is stuck in the middle of a restoration job: most of the work has been done, at least as the saller says: the body work is completed including the paint stage preparation, the chrome has been done (for almost everything), interior trims are ok (the gauges have been restored), but the new owner will have the task to rebuild brakes, engine and gearbox. Is it worth the asking price? We don’t know, especially after having spotted this car unsold in 2016 but, you know, in this world rules are made to be broken. Find it for sale at $575,000 here in Houston, TX.


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