Ultra rare: 1964 Abarth 595/105 D “Tetto chiuso”


Ultra rare indeed. That’s the first time we see one for sale and we actually can’t imagine when we will see another one for sale in the next years. Why?


Because that’s one of the very rare Abarth 595 with a steel roof (no ragtop then) which, other than that, has also a fiberglass aerodynamic structure on the roof which was supplied by the Abarth factory: that’s almost impossible to find it today. We’ve seen it only on period advertisings but never on an actual car for sale.


This car is said to be part of an important italian Abarth collection: there are other cars for sale that we’ll publish in the next days as, whoever is the seller, has done a fantastic research job to find these jewels. Of course we don’t have much to add about this car as we guess that this car is almost perfect: it has even the Abarth badge engraved on the lower spoke of the steering wheel. Find it for sale at €58,000 (today $68,000) here in Grumello, Italy.


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