Grey hound: 1963 Fiat 1600S Coupé O.S.C.A. by Pininfarina


Here is another example of our favorite Fiat from the 60s: a 1600S Coupe with the type 118b engine produced in less than 300 units.


It is easy to recognize this model immediately: from the outside it is identical to the 1500 Coupè (the one with a pushrod engine) with the exception of the front which, in the case of the 1600S, has four headlights instead of two; obviously the flab is located in the engine compartment which houses a twin-cam engine powered by a pair of weber.


This specimen in particular appears to be in fair condition: the paint certainly does not shine; The interior looks good although not excellent, but basically it looks like a not bad car although we don’t have the opportunity to look at the engine compartment, the underbody and the boot, we finally note that the Fiat badge on the front grill is missing. Find it for sale at €37,000 (today $40,000) here in Carpi, Italy.


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