Grey patina: 1962 Lancia Flaminia Coupé 2.5 by Pininfarina


“Patina” is quite an abused noun, often used to tag cars that are actually wrecks: in this case such noun is appropriate as this car looks just like an “old” car.


Indeed this is – or seems, at least – a car that hasn’t ever been restored, neither partially: the paint, by now faded, seems to be the original layer, the engine bay looks dirty but, again, it seems untouched: there are no complete photos of the interiors but at least the steering wheel and the dashboard seem as correct as they’re supposed to be.


We wouldn’t restore this car, at least completely: it should be fascinating to rebuild the engine, suspensions, brakes and fuel lines only, then driving the car as is just to see people saying “Ooooh….look at the patina!”. Find it for sale at €18,000 (today $22,000) here in Catania, Italy.


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