Racer but never raced: 1972 Opel GT 1900 “Conrero”


This Opel 1900 GT is said to have been commissioned by a rich family to Virgilio Conrero, one of the most famous italian tuner of the three decades: from the fifties to the end of the seventies.


This particular car, as the title says, has never been raced: it has been bought as a “toy” and it was driven for 90.000 km since then. As a special order car, it has several features that differentiate it from the stock 1900 GT, starting from the interiors that have rear opening glasses, a leather steering wheel, vinyl and velvet leather seats  and a lined rear bench.


Then the engine: it has a Group 1 setup featuring twin Weber carburetors, a performance camshaft, electric fuel pump and an improved ignition, other than a special exhaust system assembly. The body has the “standard” Conrero kit with flared fenders and other special features, like the ATS magnesium wheels. Find it for sale at €44,500 (today $55,000) here in Roncadelle, Italy.


One thought on “Racer but never raced: 1972 Opel GT 1900 “Conrero”

  1. Hello,

    1: It is not a special ordered car: All “stock” OPEL GT since 1971 have rear opening glasses, leather steering wheel, vinyl and velvet leather seats.

    2: All Opel CIH engines prepared by Conrero have intake manifolds stamped “Conrero”. Are they ? If not, this car is not a Conrero model, but just a “looking like” in order to get a good sell price. (You can order the body kit and all the special engine parts on Internet)


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