Top notch survivor: 1966 Porsche 911


It rarely happens to spot a fifty years old Porsche 911 in such preserved state and when it happens that’s definitely an event. This is indeed a Georgia garage find that, of course, has been left as found.


Other than being original, the cars has still its original engine: this adds even more value to a car that, yet by itself, it’s an absolute collectors piece. Indeed the seller says that the body is straight and that the gaps are perfect, without any trace of past repairs and without rust issues or, at least, nothing severe.



The undercoat too is said to be original and, as long as it is flaking off, it only reveals solid metal underside. Basically the car has been recommissioned, after being parked during the last 25 years, in order to be driveable with many mechanical works performed on it. The wheels are not original but they still look good as they give the car that “rodeo-proof” look. Find it for sale at $139,500 here in Islip, NY.

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