Last drop: 1957 Porsche 356 A T2 Speedster


The seller of this 356 Speedster project says that this is the last chance to buy his car as he’ve already dropped the price and the car is absolutely worth the money.


That’s because this is actually a project where most of the job – of course related to the metal work – has been already done on a car that was already a rust free specimen, other than that, floors are nice and everything are there, mouldings, emblems, bumpers, windshield: a complete car that you can see in the photo taken before the car was disassembled.

The seller then says that this ad will stay up for one week, after that if no one buys the car he will paint it & put it back together himself; now, this is a matching numbers car – as the seller says – so actually he isn’t wrong with the asking price: we all know that these cars sells at least at $300K when matching numbers (and not only) so, bring it on! Find it for sale at $225,000 (or best offer) here in Costa Mesa, CA.

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