Smells like Reliant: 1965 Sabra Sports Roadster


208 were the Sabra Sports built with the soft top, so that’s a rare car, other than being the only – more or less – known car built in Israel.


These cars, built for three years from 1962 to 1964, were commmisioned by the israeli company Autocars, to UK’s Reliant Motor Company of Tamworth as they had the expertise in building fiberglass cars, in this particular case these cars were equipped with a 1,700 c.c. engine borrowed from the british Ford Consul.


This particular car is one of he very few, or even unique, Sabra sold new in Italy and indeed it still wears the original black plate, it seems a well maintained car which has, of course, aged and it probably needs some tlc. What’s actually off-key is the value attributed by the seller: a car like this (in better conditions) has been sold this year at $40,700 by Bonhams. Find it for sale at €189,000 (today $227,000) here in Lanciano, Italy.

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